Hello, I’m Ram,  proud owner, manager, and sole worker of Catsec  (Yup, I make my own coffee)

When I'm not too busy managing and making coffee I provide specialized security services to Israel's leading financial institutions,  helping them to keep their hard earned money from obnoxious hackers and pesky regulators. 

With over 25 year information & cyber security experience, I provide first class consultant services covering large verities of fields:

threat analysis, risk management, regulatory consultant, cryptography, secured payment system, computer forensics, awareness training, attack simulation are just a few of my skills (lets just say that I'm "full stack security expert and be done with it).

I proud myself in a holistic, business oriented (and sane) approach to the many challenges of today’s cyber environment.

If you are in need of my services – don’t hesitate to contact me –  if I’m not available for the job myself, I could always refer you to a colleague.

Yours (for a reasonable fee)

Ram Prass

Ram Prass


While I try to avoid hanging around social networks, seems I’m one of the few that still actually care a little bit about privacy these days…

You can contact me using more traditional ways like email or phone:

+972 52 4847868

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Q: "Why can't I contact you on Whatsapp?"

A: Whatsapp is just another way for Facebook to follow and manipulate us, I don't use this app. you can contact me via Signal app - which is much safer...